Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tiger Woods comments on victory of Barack Obama

News: USA Today has just reported on Sunday what appears to be Tiger Woods's first public comments on Barack Obama's historic victory on Tuesday. The comments were made on Saturday -- so The Golf Blog is very sorry for the last post suggesting that Tiger had not yet commented on the Election (it had just not been published at the time of our post).

Here's what the USA Today reports:

"It will be one of the great days in America to see a man of color in the White House." Woods said Obama's victory pleased him and it would have pleased his father, the late Earl Woods, who was a retired Army officer.

"My father hoped he would see a man of color elected president in his lifetime," Woods said. "He didn't see it, but I hoped that I would see it."

Garcia becomes 1st European player since 1937 to claim Vardon Trophy

Garcia becomes first European player since 1937 to claim Vardon Trophy

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. -- Sergio Garcia of Spain has become the first European-born player since 1937 and first from his homeland to win the Vardon Trophy, PGA of America officials have announced. .. Rest Of the Article here