Saturday, March 8, 2008

Ben Hogan-Famous Golfers

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Ben Hogan is a known name in the arena of golf. Amongst the famous players of golf who contributed for enriching the aspect of golf, Ben Hogan gained his popularity. The famous Ben Hogan was born in the year of nineteen hundred and twelve on thirteenth of August. He belonged to the country of America. Through his achievements Ben Hogan assumed his prominence among the famous golfers. Ben Hogan was also the contemporary of the two great golfers- Byron Nelson and Sam Snead.
The career of Ben Hogan witnessed several glorious achievements of the player. Ben Hogan began his professional career in the year of 1929 and ended in 1971. Throughout his career Ben Hogan won many golf championship awards. Among the major golf awards Ben Hogan achieved include the golf championships such as PGA Championship, British Open, U.S. Open and Masters. The PGA Championship of 1948 and 1946 glorified the stunning career of Ben Hogan. The British Open of 1953 was also included in the list of awards major championship of Ben Hogan. U.S. Open golf championship was won four times by Ben Hogan. The U. S. Open championships of 1953, 1951, 1950 and 1948 were enlisted in the major championship awards of Ben Hogan.
Apart from the major championships Ben Hogan also bagged several golf competition awards. The awards of golf competitions such as Vardon Trophy, PGA Tour Money Winner and PGA Player of the Year mark the talents of Ben Hogan in golf. The years from 1940 to 1953 witnessed excellent performances of Ben Hogan in the filed of golf. Ben Hogan also created records in scoring average for being the winner of Vardon Trophy within short time. In 1940, 1941 and 1948 Ben Hogan gained the trophy.

Golf was enriched by the prolific acts of Ben Hogan. His innovative talents on golf gave birth to several types of golf theories. The theory related to swing and ball- striking has gained their status in golf due to Ben Hogan. The popularity of Ben Hogan also results in creating golf films on him. Ben Hogan had surpassed the national border and gained universality through his contributions on golf. Although Ben Hogan started his carrier his career as golfer of America yet he enjoyed influence on the world of golf universally. The movie Follow the Sun is entirely based on the life and acts of Ben Hogan.
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