Monday, September 28, 2009

LPGA Kingsmill contract for Michelob Ultra Open sponsorship will not be renewed

WILLIAMSBURG, Va. (AP)—The LPGA Tour has lost four of its marquee events.

Anheuser-Busch announced Monday that it is not renewing its sponsorship of the popular Michelob Ultra Open at Kingsmill after four years.

Anheuser-Busch vice president Dan McHugh said that the company has decided to spread its sponsorships over a wider range of professional golf events. He says it will continue working with the LPGA.

“We’re looking to give sort of a tiny bit more national scope,” McHugh said. He said after a lengthy analysis after the May event here, the company wants to “create a footprint in more tournaments.”

McHugh said Monday’s announcement will mean a Michelob presence at more events, as well as a continuing support of the LPGA Tour. McHugh added that the support would be with hospitality opportunities than a major sponsorship.

The LPGA has lost at least four tournaments since 2007.

Anheuser-Busch owns the Kingsmill Resort and Spa, where the PGA Tour made a stop for 22 years before the LPGA took over four years ago. McHugh said the decision-making method included considering the higher costs of being the owner and operator of a tournament.

Michelob Ultra also hopes to continue as the official beer of the tour, he said.

The players were notified of the news early Monday, Albrecht said.

The news is expected to be taken hard by the players on the tour, who voted the event their favorite in 2007. Fans voted it their favorite event in 2008, said Eric Albrecht, vice president of marketing for the tour. He attended the press conference.

“As they move closer and closer to the 2010 schedule, we’re feeling better and better about that schedule,” Albrecht said. “We feel lovely where was are in September. We’re optimistic but we’re also realistic knowing that our 2010 schedule may not be what it was a couple of years ago.”

“I think it’s a tiny bit the realities of the sports sponsorship landscape,” he said, adding that the tour has “close to” 20 events confirmed for 2010. He said the tour is in discussions with nine other events and working with several potentially new event partners.

In 2007, the LPGA had 34 events on its schedule. It had 27 this year, lost all three of its events in Hawaii, longtime sponsor Corning after 31 years and several others.

It's been a difficult year for the women’s tour. A group of prominent players wrote a letter in July asking for the resignation of tour commissioner Carolyn Bivens after three years, saying the tour’s woes could not all be blamed on a weakened economy.

Albrecht said since the modify the news has been encouraging, including the announcement last week that Rolex will sponsor this year’s final event, the LPGA Tour Championship.

Bivens resigned the following week, and was replaced on an interim basis by Marsha Evans, a retired rear admiral in the Navy who also has led the American Red Cross and Girl Scouts of the USA. The tour has said it hopes to find a permanent replacement for Bivens by year’s finish.

“We’ve had a lot of companies begin to talk to us since the Solheim Cup,” he said.

The U.S. victory in the Solheim Cup against a team of European players drew positive attention to the tour, he said, and may help the tour land new sponsors.

“Kingsmill will and has had some dialogue with the LPGA and would like to have further discussion about any opportunities for us moving forward,” Noe said. “If there are opportunities that arise in the future, we’d like to be part of those discussions.”

For Kingsmill, which drew raves from players for the corps of 1,500 volunteers that made the week of tournament activities run so smoothly, it might not be the finish of professional golf in Virginia, said Wayne Noe, the tournament director of the Michelob Ultra Open.

McHugh said the decision not to go forward was not finalized until last week, but if a sponsor arose willing to bring the LPGA back, the company would be “very receptive” to it.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

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Golf Digest

Golf Digest
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Golf Illustrated

Golf Illustrated
Golf Illustrated Magazine is edited for an audience of avid golf consumers who are looking to buy direct from the manufacturer. It focuses on instruction and new product information for the low-to mid-handicap golfer whose primary interests are improving his game and becoming more competitive

Golf Magazine

Golf Magazine

GOLF Magazine Each monthly issue of Golf Magazine provides how-to instruction, tournament coverage, equipment reviews, and extensive articles on golfing life. Interviews with the world's best players help golfers at all levels learn from their expertise and experience.

Golf Tips

Golf Tips
Golf Tips is the sport's most in-depth instruction and equipment magazine. Every issue offers expert advice from the world's top pros, guaranteed to shave strokes off your score. If you're serious about improving your score, you need Golf Tips Magazine.

Golf World

Golf World
Golf World Provides timely in depth coverage of the PGA, LPGA, and the Sr. PGA Tour events. This awesome Golf Magazine provides up to date stats on the PGA Tours Check it out..


Golfweek is a journal of record for competitive golf. Coverage includes; PGA, LPGA, Senior PGA & PGA European Tours; mini tours, amateur and collegiate tournaments; business and options

Links Magazine

Links Magazine
Targeting passionate, affluent golfers, LINKS covers the game's intriguing personalities, major championships, high-performance equipment, new and classic golf courses, and the best travel destinations and real estate commmunities.

T & L Golf

T & L Golf
Travel & Leisure Golf is written for golfers who share a lifestyle that embraces a wide array of sophisticated interests.

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The Golfer
The Golfer Magazine is a bi-monthly publication celebrating the lifestyle of the game. Each issue of The Golfer includes photography of classic courses and articles about the greatest golfing destinations. The Golfer provides the hottest and finest equipment on the market including reviews and information on the latest "wheels" for the course. Also included in each issue of The Golfer are interviews and facinating accounts with the most intriguing personalities from the golf course. The Golfer keeps readers on top of the latest trends both on and off the course, including stylish accessories, books, related arts and technology. The Golfer is the magazine for golfers whose lifestyles are shaped by their passion for the game

The Green Magazine Golf Beyond the Links

The Green Magazine Golf Beyond the Links

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